Regular Whole Boat Charter

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Regular Whole Boat Charter

日本語ページ⇒ 一艇貸切舟遊び 

Whole boat charter has flexibility.

You are able to choose:

- Departing and arriving pier.

- Your favorite cruising route

- Cruise duration from 60 minutes to 120 minutes.


Major piers you can choose:

- Nihombashi Pier

- Kachidoki Asashio Pier

- Ryogoku Pier

- Azumabashi Pier

See Pier Information for pier locations.


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Charter Fee per Boat (Not per person)

*English speaking staff fee and consumption tax is included.  Passenger capacity upto 12 people.

*Different fees will be applied for hanami cherry blossom viewing season and fireworks.

*Deduct Yen1,000 when you use the other pier than Nihonbashi.


Charter DurationCharter Fee
60minutes Yen45,000
75minutes Yen56,000
90minutes Yen67,000
105minutes Yen78,000
120minutes Yen89,000
150minutes Yen111,000

*Deduct Yen1,000 when you use other piers than Nihombashi Pier. 

*Departure and arrival time should be within business hours of the pier you choose.

*Comsumption tax is included.  Cruise service is not subject to tax refund.

*The above fee does not include food or drink. 

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Important Notes

  • We are not able to accept extra number of people over the passenger capacity.  Maximum passenger capacity is 12 people but you may feel too tight with 12.  If you prefer spacious and comfortable cruise, appropriate number of people might be 8 or so.  2 children under 12 years old are counted as 1 adult passenger.  Example:  4 children + 8 adults = 10 passengers
  • Different from large Yakatabune serving sashimi & tempra, we have no cooking facility in a cabin.  Small microwave and an electric kettle are available if you'd like to warm your food.   
  • We sell bottled soft drink.
  • No karaoke, no TV.  Bluetooth speaker is available.
  • Mizuha is a non-smoking boat even at a front-deck. 
  • Pet is accepted only at a front deck even under rain.  No cabin entry.  Owner of a pet is fully responsible for pet's safty and elimination.   
  • For further details, see Terms and Conditions.

舟遊び みづは - 1名様から貸切できる東京の和モダン屋形船

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