Riverboat Mizuha -Tokyo Modern Japanese Style Boat for Private Charter and Seasonal Boat Events

Your Floating Hideaway
Feel Transition of the Season with Nightscape
Enjoy Tokyo of the Moment
Relaxed Time with Friends under Fully Open Sky
Passing under Historic Bridges One After Another


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Mizuha’s Diary


Discover the real Japan and its People!

Twilight & Evening Cruise

Great way to enjoy Tokyo looking up romantic dusking sky and illuminated bridges from the boat.

Feel comfortable evening breeze with beer.

60-minute cruise

Adult: Yen3,500, Child under 12 years old: Yen1,500

Tax included, child under school age for free

With a can of beer or bottled soft drink, small gift, English guide available (BYOD, BOYF welcome)

◆Time table and details→Twilight & Evening Cruise






Private Charter Reservation

Refresh yourself with your loved ones and friends in a small luxury atmosphere.  Feeling comfortable river breeze, enjoy sunset glow or sparkling city lights.   


◆Private Charter Fee for Regular Season:

 (per boat, not per person, tax included, up to 12 people)

60 min. Yen43,000 

90 min. Yen64,500

120 min. Yen86,000

(BYOD & BYOF welcome)  English guilde available for free if you like.


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Tokyo Landmark Cruise

75 minutes of refreshing experience on the water! 

The route covers popular landmark views of Tokyo Tower,

Rainbow Bridge, Skytree, historic Kachidokibashi Bridge,

and Eitaibashi Bridge.  


Adult: Yen3,200, Child under 12 years old: Yen1,500

Tax included, child under school age for free

English guide available.  With a small Japan-taste gift.

◆Time table and details→ Tokyo Landmark Cruise ===================================================================

Riverboat Mizuha is your floating hideaway accommodating 1 to 12 people for a private

charter.  At full-open front deck and a modern Japanese tea house-like cabin arranged

with painstaking traditional craftsmanship, have a cozy time with your loved ones. 

Just a step away from the shore, feel a sense of release and turns of the season.

Great art deco bridges, waterline view of Tokyo landmarks, and urban nightscape are waiting for you.

About Riverboat Mizuha

Characteristics of Mizuha

Mizuha is a custom-made riverboat to fulfill our wants.

Mizuha offers different experiences from the onshore but keeps a certain level of convenience as a house.  She represents modern Japanese taste with a touch of Edo craftsmanship.

Mizuha’s Private Charter Cruise

Mizuha's private charter is available from 60 minutes, from 1 person.  Flexible charter system to coordinate your plan on board at your descretion.  BYOF and BYOD are welcome for on-board picnic.

Private Charter Fees

Birth of Mizuha

Mizuha was born in Matsuzaki, western Izu area in Shizuoka Pref.  Here is a pre-born history of Mizuha from designing to the launch ceremony.

Mizuha’s Shared Cruise

Mizuha also offers seasonal shared cruises such as Tokyo bridges & landmarks, cherry blossom viewing, summer evening breeze, or moon viewing.

Shared Cruise