Welcome to Mizuha, a small luxury riverboat in modern Japanese style.

Mizuha is named after the goddess of water "Mizuhanome" in Japanese myth.

Her mother is "Izanami", the creator of Japan islands. 


I ran busy life as a business person working for a company but had maintained

a thirst for doing what I wanted to do.  That was to offer an opportunity to touch

Tokyo culture inherited from Edo era.  There were many ways and instruments

to do that and I chose "Funa-asobi", having delightful time through a cruise by

a small boat.   


It took me three years after I left a company to launch Mizuha.  Too long? maybe

yes, but I have no doubt to say three years of wonderful learning, exploiting,

and networking gave the happiest birth to Mizuha.  


When you've started living in Tokyo, what did you want to do in weekends?

When you visit Tokyo, what do you want to see and do?

Visiting temples & shrines, doing shopping, visiting otaku & anime sanctuary, or

eating out are popular things to do in Tokyo.


But how about spending your time on the water? 

Feeling breeze at front deck with night sky studded with city lights?

Relaxing in a cabin with exquisite art & craft, sipping a glass of Japanese sake?


Here is Riverboat Mizuha for your private use.  Look at Tokyo's different face, drift and

forget bustles, and have a romantic time with your loved ones.

Something extraordinary is just right there with Mizuha.

舟遊びみづは オーナー 株式会社フローティングライフ代表取締役 佐藤美穂


Miho Sato

Owner, Riverboat Mizuha
President, Floating Life Co., Ltd.

舟遊び みづは - 1名様から貸切できる東京の和モダン屋形船

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