Birth of Mizuha

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Birth of Mizuha

Our requirements for building Mizuha

  • As short as possible from waterline to cruise under low-girder bridges even with higher tide
  • Should have "Funa-sajiki" a front deck for wide-open view to feel high sky, breeze, and lights
  • Want comfortable facilities small riverboats usually don't have.  Such as restroom, galley, electricities, or audio. 
  • Mizuha's cabin "Funa-mizuya" should showcase sophisticated craftsmanship of Edo/Tokyo for guests to see, touch, and feel.

Key points for boat designing

  • Approx. 2 meters high from waterline
  • Restrain rolling from backrushes by bigger boats at Sumida-gawa River and Tokyo Bay
  • Enough width for habitability
  • Smooth cruising capability even weight of all guests concentrate on front deck bench
  • Restroom, galley, air-conditioners are must
    →Dr. Nakao, President of Alpha Craft Co. realized our complex requirements

Key points for shipbuilder's selection

  • Should be experienced in passenger boat building
  • Good at using wooden materials
  • Lead time
  • Doing careful work

Production lines were full at nearby shipbuilders in Miura Peninsula.  Some of them could offer good lead time but only have experiences in fishing boats.  We searched and seached, over and over, and finally found Okamura Marine Craft in western Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Pref.

Shizuoka is not too far from Tokyo.  They were empathetic enough to listen to our wish.

Building process

Jan. 2013, started manufacturing hull mold

Apr. 2013, began FRP lamination

May. 2013, removed mold and started outfitting and furnishing





Launch Ceremony!

Mizuha was launched on June 24, 2013.

Ensouling ceremony by Shinto priest


*With voice.

 Squeaky noise of launching rails may sound uncomfortable.

After boat inspecton by JCI, delivered to Tokyo by a 40FT trailer.

Second launching ceremony on June 27, 2013


*With voice.

Mizuha was born with so many supports, collaborations, and love.

We could say nothing but "THANK YOU!!!"

Now Mizuha is in our hands.  See how we nurture her!

舟遊び みづは - 1名様から貸切できる東京の和モダン屋形船

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