Private Charter Cruise

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Private Charter Cruise

We recommend private charter because you have a freedom!

  • Display your innovative, entertaining ideas.
  • Have a cozy, private time without being annoyed with a loud group next to you.

To maximize your experience on board,


We offere fliexibility.

  • You can charter with 1 to 10 people.  (Max. capacity is upto 12 people but you may feel too tight with 12.)
  • Minimum charter time is 60 minutes.  Extra charter fee is charged by every 15 minutes on a pre-booked basis.
  • BYOF, BYOD.  No cork charge.  Cool box is available. 
  • We take care of your garbage.  All you have to do is sorting!
  • Bento box delivery is available depending on your budget.  (sandwiches, sushi, traditional food box, etc. from Yen1,000 to 5,000 per person)
    Example 1: 1 bottled tea or canned beer with finger food: Yen1,000 per person
    Example 2: 1 bottled tea or canned beer with sushi: Yen2,500 per person
  • Halal food delivery is available.  Contact us for details.

For charter fees and conditions, see Charter Fees and Notes






You can reserve heavy weight drinks such as 2 dozens of beer.  We can cool them for you on request.

Note:  Change of temperature in a boat is sometimes extreme.  We are not able to guarantee good storage condition for vintage wine or delicate fresh sake.   

Short charter cruise

  • Just want to have a quick look of Tokyo from waterways?
  • Planning an unique after-party?

→ 60 to 75 minute-cruise is a good choice.

  Even 60 minutes can give you a dramatic experience


For model routes, see Cruise Map.




For a romantic ending of your date


As a cue to declare your love!



Pleasant afternoon tea time on board

Also ideal for...

  • Pre-party or cocktail hour event before formal dinner.
    If your event venue is in Nihombashi or Asakusa, how about cruising a river to arrive there?
  • Photo shooting cruise.  Charter allows controlling boat speed to stay onto your shooting targets.


For charter fees and conditions, see Charter Fees and Notes

Long charter cruise

  • Want to spend fully reluxed time with beloved family or friends?
  • Need some privacy for confidential business meeting?

→ 90 to 120-minute cruise is perfect.

    Extraordinary Tokyo cruise experience with your favorite

    food and drink

    Combining multiple courses, enjoy various aspects of Tokyo

    rivers and canals.

    *You can extend cruise time with a unit of 15 minutes

      on a pre-booked basis.  Contact us for details.

For model routes, see Cruise Map.



On-board potluck party!




Plan your own cruise! 

Private live music performance, bridge viewing, ship hunting, etc.

For charter fees and conditions, see Charter Fees and Notes 

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