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Terms and conditions

Reservation Terms & Conditions

We take your reservation for a cruise based on the following terms and conditions.

We recommend you to read the following before you make a reservation.  

A. Validity of Reservation


  1. Your reservation does not come into effect at the time you send us a reservation request through an e-mail/fax/phone.  We will reply to you within 48 hours from our receipt of your request whether we are able to take your reservation or not.  After we finalize with you the date and time of your cruise, we will issue a reservation confirmation in which our payment instruction is stated.  Your reservation comes into effect when we confirm our receipt of your payment.  We accept cash, bank transfer, or credit card by Paypal.
  2. Payment due date is as follows:
  • Private Charter Cruise: Full payment within 7 business days after your receipt of our reservation confirmation
  • Shared Cruise: Full payment within 3 business days after your receipt of our reservation confirmation                                 (Some shared cruise may accept cash on the spot.  Follow the payment instruction in the confirmation.)  

*Our reservation confirmation shall be deemed delivered unless otherwise we receive a delivery failure notice of your e-mail or fax.

B. Terms to accept your reservation

  1. Children under the age of 12 years should be accompanied by a parent or equivalent guardian.
  2. Wheel chair is usually accepted but please contact us beforehand for safety purposes.  We will get prepared for the best and safest cruise experience for you.
  3. Maximum passenger capacity is 12.  We are not able to accept a reservation exceeding 12 passengers.  2 children under 12 years old are counted as 1 adult passenger.  Example: 4 children + 8 adults = 10 adults
  4. For shared cruises, we may cancel your reservation if the cruise does not reach minimum passenger count.
  5. Shared cruise fare is free for babies and toddlers under school age.  Discounted fare for elementary school children, full fare for junior highschool students or older.
    Some shared cruise may be for adult only.
  6. Pets are acceptable at private charter cruise only.  Pets have to stay at front deck and are not allowed to stay in a cabin even under unpleasant weather such as rain or snow.  Owner of pets takes full responsibility for pet's safty and elimination and Mizuha's  captain and crew shall never be liable for any damages of Pets.

C. Payment of remaining balance


  1. If there is any residual payment for food/drink we arrange for you or goods you buy at Mizuha, please pay in cash on the spot. 

D. Cancellation policy


  1. Following cancellation fee is charged if you cancel your reservation according to your convenience.
    *Policy for a private charter (Cancellation fee is not charged until 14 days before your cruise date.)
    13 to 7 days before your cruise date6 to 2 days before your cruise date1 day before your cruise dateOn the day of your cruise
    30% of full amount 50% of full amount 80% of full amount 100% of of full amount


    *Policy for a shared ride tour (Cancellation fee is not charged until 7 days before your cruise date.)

    6 to 2 days before your cruise date1 day before your cruise dateOn the day of your cruise
    30% of full amount 80% of full amount 100% of full amount
    *"Full Amount" means total fee of services you reserved stated in our reservation confirmation and additional written notification based on your request such as food/drink reservation, etc.
    *Different policy may be applied for a special event such as fireworks
  2. Private charter reservation made within 13 days from your cruise date and a shared ride reservation made within 6 days from your cruise date is subject to the above cancellation fee at the time your reservation confirmation.
  3. We are entitled to cancel your reservation by a notification in advance in case of the following. 
    • When we judge it is difficult for our guest to participate in a cruise due to health reasons such as disease.
    • When we see a possibility other guests may be annoyed or safe operation of a cruise may be violated by your behavior.
    • When we identify a reservation is made by anti-social forces and their related parties. 
    • When we judge weather and hydrographic conditions exceed our safty operation standards.
    • When a compelling event such as disaster, fire, boat's engine trouble occurs.
  4. In case we cancel your reservation due to the reason stated in 3., your payment shall be returned.

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