Private charter reservation for 2024 cherry blossom season|舟遊びみづは - 1名様から貸切できる東京日本橋の和モダン屋形船

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The most delightful Hanami ever, private charter reservation for 2024 cherry blossom season.

*Cherry blossom season: Mar. 23 to Apr. 5, 2024
Feel joy of spring by admiring cherry trees expanding their branches over the river, from the boat in a private & relaxed atmosphere.

Private Charter Fee (per boat, tax included, max. passenger count is 12)

Cherry Blossom Season Charter Fee, Mar. 23  to Apr. 5

(Season period may be changed due to the actual bloom time.)

With English Guide and Support

・60 min.   Yen76,000

・90 min.   Yen107,000


*Departing and arriving piers are Nihonbashi Pier.

*The above is a boat-only fee with English guide and support.  No food/drink served.  You can bring your own food and drink.  

*The above is the special fee only applied to the private charter during the cherry blossom period.  

Go to 60min. Charter Reservation        Go to 90min. Charter Reservation

How we are different.

・We are small boat accommodating up to 12 passengers. 

・Our front deck "Funa-sajiki" allows you to fully view cherry blossoms in a very close distance.

・Our cabin "Funa-mizuya" is equipped with flush toilet and air-conditioner.  You can stay warm there with an exquisite Japanese crafts.

・BYOD, BYOF welcome.  We take care of garbages.

・English guide and support are provided from a reservation process to the end of cruising experience.

Special offer for cruise guests. Order our original tenugui cotton towel for a souvenir!

Special offer for cruise guests.  Our original tenugui at Yen1,400, 20% off Yen1,750 regular price.

Our original tenugui cotton towel designed and dyed by Nihonbashi's established shop Todaya, who handles a traditional stencil-dyed craft "tenugui" cotton towel.  This picture shows the past, present, and future of Nihonbashi Bridge.

Riverside warehouses of fish market, rowing boat, fish seller with carrying pole, and carriages represent the past.

Nihonbashi Bridge (1911-), cars, Mitsukoshi Department Store building, kayakers, and Mizuha (our boat) represent the present.

Nihonbashi Bridge without Metropolitan Highway that currently exists above the bridge represents the future. 

You can see a samurai, ladies in kimono with traditional chignon hairdo from Edo Era, a parent and a child from Meiji Era, and people nowadays cruising with Mizuha, across time and space.


If you care for it, specify the number you want when you make a reservation.  Please pay for tenugui when you get on board.



Explanation of tenugui:

  • → Go to 60min. Charter Reservation     → Go to 90min. Charter Reservation

  • TEL +81-70-6476-9827
  • Advance payment online. 
  • Cherry blossom viewing cruise is a name of the service we offer.  We WILL NOT guarantee the time of bloom.  Even if you cancel your reservation because cherry blossom is not in bloom, cancellation fee shall be charged based on our cancellation policy specified in the reservation confirmation.

舟遊び みづは - 1名様から貸切できる東京の和モダン屋形船