Moon, Green, and Water Marche Short Cruise September 29 & 30|舟遊びみづは - 1名様から貸切できる東京日本橋の和モダン屋形船

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Moon, Green, and Water Marche Short Cruise September 29 & 30

隅田川マルシェ実行委員会 2023

Unwind yourself at gentle water front of Takeshiba with a short cruise

From Septermber 29 to October 1, 3-day marche "Moon, Green, and Water Marche" is held at Waters Takeshiba, right in front of Hamarikyu Garden.  Riverboat Mizuha is going to join the marche with a short cruising of Tokyo Bay and Shibaura Canal.

Tour 1 to 3 is 30-minute cruise going to Shibaura Canal and Tokyo Bay.  Tour 4 to 5 is 20-minute cruise floating on the water in front of Hamarikyu Garden with live music of violin. 

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The marche starts from noon.  You can enjoy craft food, drink, and goods.  You can bring them to the boat.




Time Table




September 29 and 30, 2023

> Shibaura and Tokyo Bay Short Cruise (30min.)

Tour 1  12:50-13:20
Tour 2  13:40-14:10
Tour 3  14:30-15:00


> Live Music on Board (20min.)

Tour 4  15:50-16:10
Tour 5  16:40-17:00


Waters Takeshiba Pier 

6-min. walk from North Exit of JR Hamamatsucho Staion, 7-min. walk from Exit B1 or B2 of Tokyo Metro Daimon Station

See the direction in the following URL.




Adult Yen2,500, Child (Age 4-12) Yen1,500, tax included, Child Age 3 and under free

English guide available 


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*See the right map for 30-min. short cruise route.

*Tour 4 and 5 live music cruise included music charge.  Cruise fee is the same as the Tour 1-3.


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  • When heavy rain or storm forecast is announced or any extraordinary hydrographic condition is expected, we may cancel a cruise.  
    Usually our decision is made a day before at around 4:00 p.m. and we will notify you of a cancellation in such case.
    If you do not receive any notification, your cruise will be conducted.
    However, due to a sudden change of weather/tide or unexpected natural disaster, we may decide a cancellation right before the departure.
    Cancellation caused by a natural phenomena is not subject to a cancellation fee.  You will get a refund.

舟遊び みづは - 1名様から貸切できる東京の和モダン屋形船