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Experience the Double Locks! Nov. 24


The water level of rivers and canals at east Tokyo low land is always kept 1m lower than that of the lowest tide level of Tokyo Bay and it has become possible by the locks.  Difference of water levels between the inside and outside of the lock is 3m at its maximum. 

How do boats come and go through two different water levels?

The best way to understand the mechanism is to get on a boat.  Here you can experience how two different water levels are adjusted in the lock chamber! 

In this excursion, we pass two locks, Ogibashi Lock and Arakawa Lock Gate.  East Tokyo low land is protected by these two locks.

After we come out from Arakawa Lock Gate, we cruise down Arakawa River's man-made part made during 1912 to 1930.  The river is so wide that we cannnot believe this is an artificial river.   

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Sun., November 24, 2019 from 12:00 noon to 2:30 p.m. (150 minutes)

Departing Pier

Nihonbashi Pier

Arriving Pier

Kachidoki Asashio Pier

Cruise Fare

Yen5,500, tax included.  

English guide, map, light snack, one drink, and souvenirs

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※When it is windy, you will face some spray from the bow.  Waterproof coat or windbreaker is convenient.

※The cruise comes with a light snack and one drink but you can BYOF/BYOD. 

※Cruise will be operated with light rain.  You can keep dry in a cabin.

※When a storm forecast is announced, the cruse will be cancelled.  We will notifiy you of the cancellation usually the day before in late afternoon to evening.  You will get a full refund in such case.

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