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Fava Beans Cruising! on May 24 at Fava Beans Festival (Sold Out)

3 Boats Cruise Parade!

Thank you!  Cruise Tickets SOLD OUT!


Fava Beans Festival on May 24 and 25!

As a part of the festival events, we participate in Fava Beans

Cruising.  Cruising parade from Nihombashi to the festival venue

by 3 boats like 3 fava beans in a pod.





Date: Sat., May 24, 2014 

1. From Nihombashi to Old Nakagawa Bansho Bridge Pier  Lv 10:30  Ar 12:00 

2. From Old Nakagawa Bansho Bridge Pier to Nihombashi  Lv 1:30  Ar 3:00

Adult: Yen2,000  Child under 12 years old: Yen1,000

Guide and boiled fava beans included  (Get fava beans at the festival venue)

Re-experience vegetable logistics route between Nihombashi and Old Nakagawa

You can experiance Ohgibashi lock gate passing during the cruise.

Revival of Nakagawa Fava Beans at its Original Place "Old Nakagawa River"

Nakagawa Fava Beans (Nakagawa Soramame) were recognized as Edo Yasai

(traditional Edo vegetables) originated in Old Nakagawa River area. 

The festival is to promote its revival at the original place.  Festival venue is

near Higashi-Ojima subway station of Shinjuku Line.

Various Events at the Festival

Walking events, canoeing, live music, food stalls, Edo Yasai vegetable shop, etc.

Arrive at the festival venue from Nihombashi, enjoy the festival, then you can

come back by a boat!


Event details (Japanese only)→ Fava Beans Cruising  ☆Fava Beans Festival Events

Contact the Consortium of Rediscovary Edo-Tokyo Tourism Walk for Reservation

34 people can be accommodated in 3 boats for each cruise.

For reservation, contact the Consortium of Rediscovery Edo-Tokyo Tourism Walk.

TEL: 03-3668-0700




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