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"Most Delightful Hanami, Ever" Private Charter Reservation

Hanami Period (based on bloom forecast): Mar.27 - Apr.9, 2014

Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) cruise at Fukagawa rivers.  Feel joy of spring by cruising between rows of cherry blossoms.  

We have three kinds of courses for private charter with your friends and family.  All courses are round cruise departing and arriving at Nihombashi Pier

Course A: 60min. "Fukagawa cherry blossom" Goes to inner rivers of Koto-ku, enjoying cherry blossoms planted on both banks.

Course B: 90 to 120 min. "Fukagawa cherry blossom corridor"  More cherry blossoms than Course A.  Only available at low tide time zone.  Most recommended but rare.

Course C: 60min."Sumidagawa cherry blossom"  Tsukuda Island blossoms on Sumidagawa River bank






Available date/time/course for private charter

Course A: 60min. "Fukagawa cherry blossom" Course B: 90 to 120 min. "Fukagawa cherry blossom corridor"

Course C: 60min."Sumidagawa cherry blossom" 

Check the following available course/date/time and contact us. 

*Example:  If you want to come at 6:00p.m. on Mar. 27, mention Course A or C and desiginate date and time

                 as from 6:00p.m. on Mar. 27

→For reservation, use our Contact Form for the time being


Date 10:00-12:00          12:00-5:00p.m.         5:00-9:00p.m.       
 3/27(Thu) Full Shared  A, C
 3/28(Fri) Shared N/A  A, C
 3/29(Sat) Full Full + Shared  A but from 7:00
 3/30(Sun) Full Full  N/A
 3/31(Mon) A, B, C A, C but until 2:00       N/A
 4/1(Tue) A but until 11:00 Shared  N/A
 4/2(Wed) A but until 11:00 Shared  N/A
 4/3(Thu) Full Shared  N/A
 4/4(Fri) Shared Shared  C


Full Shared   
 4/6(Sun) Shared Full A
 4/7(Mon) N/A A, B, C  A, C
 4/8(Tue) N/A A but until 3:00 Shared
 4/9(Wed) N/A Abut until 4:30 Shared

*On 3/29,30,  4/5, 4/6, traffic is limited due to Cherry blossom festival at Fukagawa.  We will change a route a little but still very gorgeous. 

Swinging cherry twigs right above, streaming petal flakes

Private Charter Fee per Boat (Max. 12 Passengers

  • Course A, C: 60min.  Yen40,000
  • CourseB:      90min.  Yen60,000
  • CourseB:    120min.      Yen80,000

(The above fee does not include consumpton tax.  5% until Mar.31 and 8% from Apr.1)

*Little sweets and tea are served.

*Small gift in cherry blossom color is included.

*Extension is available by every 15 min. on pre-booked basis, such as 75 min.  Yen10,000 is added by every 15 min.

*2 Children under 12 years old are counted as 1 adult.  Example: 4 children + 8 adults = 10 adults


=  What makes Mizuha different from other cruises?  =

・Trace a good old time cruise enjoyment with privacy

・Full view of cherry blossom from our front deck "Funa-sajiki".  Better view compared with houseboats

   without a deck.  Comfortable bench seat with cushion.  Fleece lap blankets and robes are available for chilly day.

・When you feel chilly, we have a warm cabin.  Still you can enjoy bloom from windows.

・BYOF and BYOD are welcome.  We take bento box reservation , too.  Hanami picnic on board!

・Restroom is available.

・Cruise comes with a little sweets and a gift related to cherry blossom.

・We do not go to Asakusa cherry blossom area where many large waterbus and houseboats cruise

   come and go during hanami season.  Quieter, more reluxed time is guaranteed.

Bento box and heavy weight drink orders available

*No time to buy food?  Beers are to heavy?

・Bento box: From Yen1,000

・Finger food catering:  From Yen10,000 per boat

・Canned beer: From Yen3,000 for a dozen













Contact us for reservation

  • Use our inquiry form or call 070-6476-9827  We may not be able to take your call during a cruise operation.  We will come back to you if you leave us a message with phone no.
  • For other terms and conditions, see "Terms and Conditions"   
  • We will not guarantee the time of the bloom.  If you cancel your reservation because cherry blossoms do not bloom, such cancellation is subject to the prescribed cancellation fee.  (Cancellation fee will not be charged until 14 days before your cruise date)   Provided that there is a vacancy, you can change a date.  Even if a change is accepted, the course you reserved may have to be changed due to weather/tide conditions.  

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