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Corporate Information

Corporate Mission

Help you find a bluebird through enjoyment of Tokyo river cruises.


Happiness is just beside you but it is difficuilt to get aware of it.

Tokyo river is like a bluebird.


Right after boarding, time starts going by differently.

Comforted by water, swaying and rolling, feel closer to breeze, sunlight, and sky.

Why usual lunch box tastes more delicious on board?

Why familiar-looking landscape looks new from a boat?  Isn't Tokyo Cool???


Share happiness from such discovery and awareness with your loved ones in a relaxed atmosphere.

That is what Mizuha wishes to bring you.

Our Commitment

Release your mind from the bustle of everyday life.<br />Offer the opportunities to re-experience sophisticated way of life and culture of Edo era through Tokyo river cruises.<br />Create fun river cruises for your family members and friends in a free and lighthearted manner.<br />Keep our gratitude for predecessors who built the framework of Tokyo and make.<br />Keep a sense of fun and the best way to offer delightful and comfortable time.<br />Guard your confidential matters and memories, such as time with your loved ones or classified business negotiations.<br />Observe applicable laws and regulations and strive for the safest operation.

Corporate Overview

Company Name Floating Life Co., Ltd.
Service Name Riverboat Mizuha "Funaasobi-Mizuha"
Representative Miho Sato
Established Dec. 19, 2011
Business License

Domestic Passenger Boat Business Registration No. 1135

at Kanto District Transport Bureau

Tokyo Recreational Fishing Boat Registration No. 415

Management Team


Miho Sato, President

From Tokyo
Worked for an international trade firm, IT company, and asset management company.

Experienced global business coordinator, interpretor, system planning manager, etc.

Decided starting her own business in 2010 and interned at Tokyo Bay Cruising Co.

Launched Mizuha in June, 2013.

In charge of management, planning, sales, and passenger services


Ben Sato, Captain and Managing Director (Prime shareholder)

From Hokkaido, son of fisherman
Worked for global hamburger enterprise and Japanese food service companies.  Responsible for business operation management, logistics, and HR development.

Joined his wife to start up riverboat business.

In charge of boat operation management and maintenance.


We have both lived in the U.S. (California ana Illinoi).  It was not until we were far away

from our homeland that we realized Japan had sophisticated cultural heritage, especially

from Edo era.  That was the real beginning of what we are doing now.  

Why Named Mizuha?


Mizuha is named after the goddess of water "Mizuhanome" in Japanese myth.

Her mother is "Izanami" the creator of Japan islands. "Mizuhanome" means fountainhead,

which we thought perfect for our new business launch. 


Our logo mark represents my most favorite bridge "Kiyosubashi Bridge" crossing

Sumidagawa River, current of water, and deformed Kanji charactor meaning a boat (fune).


Logo design by Hiroshi Yasue, father of Miho Sato.


舟遊び みづは - 1名様から貸切できる東京の和モダン屋形船

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